Top 10 L-Carnitine Benefits


1. Lower Cholesterol- One of the top l-carnitine benefits is that this amino acid helps lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. Lower cholesterol levels mean less of a risk of plaque buildup in the veins and arteries.

2. Lower Triglycerides- L-carnitine is one of the non essential amino acids that has been shown to lower the triglyceride levels in the bloodstream. High levels of triglycerides can lead to a number of health problems and medical conditions.

3. Better Heart Health and Function- Normal heart function requires a sufficient amount of amino acids especially l-carnitine. If there is not an adequate amount of this nutrient available, then the function of the heart can be affected.

4. Faster Recovery after a Heart Attack- One of the best l-carnitine benefits is that this nutrient can speed up recovery after a heart attack occurs.

5. Prevent a Buildup of Fat Deposits around Organs- The l-carnitine weight loss benefit is one reason why individuals use a supplement for this nutrient. This amino acid prevents fat from building up in and around the internal organs.

6. Delayed Progression of Alzheimers Disease- There is some evidence that shows this amino acid can help delay and possibly prevent Alzheimers Disease.

7. Memory Improvement- An improved memory and mental function is one of the top l-carnitine benefits and a common reason why this amino acid is supplemented so frequently with supplement products.

8. Depression Treatment- An l-carnitine deficiency can affect depression or make it become more severe. A sufficient amount of this amino acid can decrease or even eliminate depression completely.

9. Increased Energy- An increase in the levels and amount of energy available is one of the biggest l-carnitine benefits. This is one reason why a loss of body fat can occur when there is enough of this nutrient in the body.

10. Weight Loss-Weight loss is one of the top l-carnitine side effects. This nutrient helps establish an effective metabolism, so that a healthy weight is maintained and obesity is prevented.